Spark Optoelectronics Gains the prize of 2014 shenzhen science and technology (patent) again


On the afternoon ofDecember 18th, the shenzhen science and technology awards conference was heldin the multi-function hall of shenzhenmunicipal committee, party secretary wang rong, mayor hsu, vicemayor Chen Biao,etc. The main leaders of the municipal partycommitteeattended the conference. The attendees for this event included more than 100 well-known enterprises such as Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd, ZTE Corp.,Spark Optoeletronics, TencentTechnologyco., LTD., BYD Co etc.

This event is held in Shenzhen annually, which is honoredfor the enterprise and technology workers who devote to the science technologyby Shenzhen City People Government, is also the Shenzhen top academic awarding conference,and its recognition results represent the highest science technology results inShenzhen, all the nation and even all over the world. Our company has gained this honor again owing to the continual performancefor accumulation and innovation all these 15 years.As the model enterprise of high-powerLED lighting industry,Spark Optoelectronics always adhereto the development strategy of technological innovation, and set up shenzhen solar semiconductorlighting engineering laboratory, engineering technology research center ofguangdong province successively,Spark Optoeletronics laboratory has also been recognized by CNAS, and its technology research strength is also recognized by our nation andindustry.The awarded inventionpatent called "solar wind power integrated controlmethod and its system, with its unique creativity, after the" intelligent LED street lamp control circuit",we won thetitle again, which is also the onlyawarded technology achievement in Shenzhen LED lighting industry of thisyear.

In the future, Spark will continue adhering to the"quality innovation, integrity andservice" core value, which isdriven with constant innovation and continual progress,and continuouslyprovide customers with safe, environmental protection, energy-saving, efficient lighting products andperfect service.